About - Focus On Interiors
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Linda Spivack

Owner, Focus On Interiors

Hi, I’m Linda Spivack.  I chose the name Focus on Interiors for my shop because the words say what I do.  I love to sew, decorate, recycle and make my home (and yours) efficient and beautiful.  That’ my focus! Sewing has become almost a lost art, but it is an important skill.  All the beautiful interiors in magazines were sewn by professionals.  I can help you too!

My professional sewing career began when I owned a quilt shop, The Cloth Cottage, in Tahoe City in the 1990’s. I was making quilts, and selling quilt fabric at the time and my expertise was helping customers coordinate fabric for quilts. As I was sewing home accents more than quilts I closed the quilt shop and opened Focus on Interiors.

Not sure if your room looks as good as it could?  I will be happy to help rearrange your existing furniture and suggest accent pieces.