Focus On Interiors - South Lake Tahoe's Only Fabric Shop! Also featuring antiques and custom sewing for the home,
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Commercial and residential custom sewing, fabric shop, and antique shop.

Custom Sewing & Quality Designer Fabrics

Focus on Interiors is the one place to find all the finest selection of designer fabrics with a seamstress ready to create your home accents. There’s no need to order fabric and hire someone to customize it because Focus on Interiors does this all for you and will save you time and money on custom interior accents.

Focus on Interiors is also home to Lake Tahoe’s only experiential workroom where you can create your custom home accents side-by-side an accomplished seamstress. The creative one-of-a-kind experience offers you a chance to actually be the designer of your home accents with a personal seamstress to help guide you and bring your furnishings to life.

“If you want quality in your life, you want it in everything.” Linda Spivack

Our fully stocked Lake Tahoe fabric store has everything you need to bring your home to life with well-chosen fabric accents. Featuring Roth and Regal fabrics…affordable and appropriate!


Pillows, table linens, curtains and many other custom sewn home accents made from fabrics in-stock at our store.


Custom home accents, including fine bedding, Tahoe-made decor and pillows for window seats, and sofas. Perfect for Tahoe mountain home living.

“Function is beauty. I love order. There’s freedom in it.” Linda Spivack